Kitsap Mobile Grooming provides the same services any Pet Grooming Salon provides and has the highest quality equipment to groom the dogs and cats. Services include bathing, full grooming, nails, anal glands, flea baths and special spa treatments for that special family member.

With Mobile Grooming this is all done right at your doorstep with no effort on the pet owner’s part.  In fact once you are comfortable with our grooming facility you can arrange for us to groom the pet even if you are not there.  We all know that even the dogs that dive for every pond or puddle seem to develop an antipathy to water as soon as it is clean water!  And that same dog that sticks his head out of the car window at 60 MPH is the first to complain when he is being dried.  So, why increase that stress by putting your pet in a cage with many other dogs who are voicing their upset at being at the groomers!  While some dogs or cats do great at a typical grooming shop, many are stressed out, especially the cats…who after all don’t really want to be around those….dogs!

Yes, Mobile Grooming is more expensive than your shop grooming.  Why?  Mobile Grooming isn’t just grooming, it is a service for the busy owners whose time is more valuable than driving back and forth from town.  Kitsap Mobile Grooming is a self contained grooming unit that shows up at your doorstep and does one pet at a time from start to finish while the customer is in the comfort of their own home, or for that matter out of the house - doing what they want to do. Your dog or cat never leaves their own property and is pampered.  The groomer works one on one until your pet is done and while we do steal kisses and hugs during the groom, we will have your four-legged kid back to you smelling, feeling and looking great and ready for even more hugs and kisses. Rates vary depending on size, type of coat and temperament, with the minimum cost of a Mobile Grooming visit being $65.00.

Kitsap Mobile Grooming van is a fully professional mobile grooming van built by Wag’N Tails Mobile Grooming Van Conversions who are the top in their field. Take a Virtual Tour of the Kitsap Mobile Grooming van!




Our prices include ear cleaning (and ear plucking for those dogs who need that service), nail clipping and shaving of the pads…less mud brought in your house.  This is all done prior to the bath and is part of the services provided.  If your dog needs it’s anal glands expelled, let us know and this will be done as part of the package. 

grooming pic1BATHING

At the heart of your pet’s make-over is the bath.  While dogs jump in and out of lakes, ponds and salt water this is not a bath!  And while cats do lick themselves regularly this does not guarantee their cleanliness.  Kitsap Mobile Grooming uses top-of-the line high quality products during our grooming.  Mauro Pet Care Products are all natural with no chemicals and only essential oils for their wonderful scents.  We also carry Mauro’s line of products for customers who want to purchase Body Mists, Hot Spot Oils or even their own shampoo.  A key to getting the pets super clean is our Super Sudsing System, which is part of the Wag’N Tail Mobile Grooming vans.  By being able to spray a water and shampoo mix into the pet’s coat, even the most “waterproof” coats will be saturated so the dog can be truly clean to the skin.  Many dogs have such thick coats that just surface cleaning and rubbing on shampoo is NOT getting them clean.  For dogs with undercoats our bathing system also works to get the thick undercoats out - IN THE TUB - so they aren’t leaving their undercoats all over your carpet!Grooming pic2


We understand these are your pets.  Our belief is a clean pet is a healthy pet.  A groomer often sees things in the course of grooming an owner may not have noticed and thus be able to alert you to potential issues.  Grooming is whatever the owner requests.  Whether it is a “Lion Cut” for your cat or just “cut is short all over” for your Yorkie - it is totally up to you.  Our aim is to get your pet totally clean and then any trims and/or clipper work  done as you desire. 

Some of the shortest haired dogs shed as much or more than their fellow long haired dogs.  The length of hair doesn’t determine the shedding your house has to put up with - the undercoat does.  Undercoats typically grow back in from 6-8 weeks.  Undercoat is the fur that ends up on your “fur”niture and sends you off shopping for “pet vacuums”.  By putting your furry friend on a de-shedding program and having them groomed regularly you can stop over working your vacuum and pulling out your own hair thinking you found a “new dog” under your couch.  This works very well with Labs, Shepherds, Golden Retrievers…to name a few.


If you like to be bold and creative, get your Chihuahua’s nails polished or add some hair color to your white dog for a holiday!  Creative grooming is available for an additional fee.


Mats in dogs or cats are not just unsightly, they can damage skin.  A mat is created when the growing hair starts tangling.  Once the mat is formed it is literally growing as the hair grows and getting tighter and tighter to the dog or cat’s skin.  This can not only be painful, but can cause skin issues.  Note that de-matting either requires the pet be shaved or requires major time consuming work by the groomer to try and get the mats out while keeping the coat.  Worse than that this de-matting can be painful for the pets so unless we are able to perform the de-matting humanely, the pet will have to be shaved.  Kitsap Mobile Grooming gives a first visit “forgiveness” to any dog or cat with mats.  We will not charge more on a first visit if your pet has mats.  After that, if the pet is kept on a grooming schedule, they can be avoided either totally or for the most part.  If the pet isn’t  kept on a schedule and de-matting is required, additional fees will be applied, depending on the time required to de-mat.


Is your pet’s breath making it hard to cuddle with them?  Do you want to run from the room.  Fear no more.  For a nominal additional fee we will brush your pet’s teeth and keep his own personal toothbrush for future visits.


Is your kitty using your couch or curtains as their own personal scratching post?  Soft Paws may be the solution.  We can apply soft paws to save your house from the cat’s claws!   Yes, they come in many colors and can be used for cats or dogs.  They require regular scheduling as they need to be re-applied every 4-6 weeks.


BW pugDo you want a photo session for your special friend?  Want to make a photo book for someone whose life revolves around their pets?  We will arrange a special photography session for you and your pet(s) either at your house or ours, or at the local park for that matter.  Photography service is on a one on one basis.

Do you want a hand drawn black and white sketch of your furry loved one?  From photos taken we can have your pet captured for eternity in a professional black and white image that you will want to frame and display.   Contact us for special requests.

BW catAre you going out of town and don’t know who you can trust with your “baby”?   We can board your pet in the comfort of our home, as long as they can “blend in” to our pack.  If your dog is good natured and gets along with others then they can share the couch, romp around our 2 1/2 acres and otherwise have their own vacation while you have yours.  We aren’t a boarding facility, but by special request will take in your buddy and treat them as our own while you go play.  Prices will be worked out comparable with local boarding prices.

Do you have trouble getting your four legged kid out for the walks you know they deserve?  Are you ridden with guilt?  Dee Dee Riechel, my Assistant, has been a dog walker for years, giving many Oregon dogs many happy walks prior to her moving to Washington.  Whether you want a walk down the street or in the woods behind our house, contact us for special requests.


As mentioned above, we carry Mauro Pet Products.  We also have on hand high quality leashes and collars should your pet need a replacement or simply one for that special occasion.


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